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Thread: SK-R's NHB EP3 Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norv View Post
    How did it go after being at tgm for all the bits to be fitted?

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    Very good so far. It was actually a bit painful because after they fitted all the new parts, the car was still making the same noise underneath. They then took some spare parts from one of their EP3 racecars and put those on there to test and still nothing, meaning the issue was not with the intermediate driveshaft at all (even though the new one as lot less play and is much stronger). They then proceeded to take pretty much the entire front side of the car off (every moving part was removed, inspected and re-seated) to only find out that the Eibach Spacers at the front were not tight enough....

    I mean they weren't loose to the point of wobble, but enough to cause a hell of a noise and wobble at anything greater than 30mph. That said the rack refurb job is amazing, the car literally feels like a new car to steer and is so much more direct. There is a small downside where it is almost too stiff at the moment and the steering wheel does not centre (like even worse than before) but that is starting to become better as the mileage climbs up. The car is going back there on Tuesday so they can see if something was over-tightened and adjust the stiffness.

    I also managed to steam clean the entire interior and thoroughly wash the seats with Woolite. Now it smells like the entire car has just come out of the washing machine and it is sparkling clean

    Overall I am very happy with it, it drives spot on, it rides great and there are no weird noises anymore. When the weather clears up a bit and I give the car a proper wash as it's filthy at the moment, I will upload some pictures of the work.
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    Weapon well done mate


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