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Thread: Rain Repellant/Glass Sealant

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    Thanks for all the replies people!

    Since I have GYEON QM Wet Coat applied on the windscreen, maybe i'm being a bit too overkill with the additional rain repellent. Also dont know if the two would react. I think I'll stick to the wet coat I have applied. It rained hard today and over 60mph it beaded nice and just blew off.


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    I use some gtechniq stuff, can't remember the number now. It's the more repellant but less durable one of the few they do. Water blows off the screen at upwards of 20mph so I'd say you can do better than the wet coat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holloway96 View Post
    H2GO is amazing stuff, I've had it on for a year and never had to top it up. Still like the day I applied it, anything above 40MPH and you don't have to use wipers

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    This is what I use, It's a great product and reasonably priced too.

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    I also use rain x. To be fair I find it really good, no issues with smearing of the wipers and its pretty cheap too. I think the last bottle I bought was just over a fiver and will last years


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