Hello all!

I知 a newbie on here and was hoping i might be able to pick some brains.

I can appreciate that your responses may be slightly bias as I知 on a Type R forum however i want to hear advice from people that have experienced living with a type R s rather than You tube!
I have owed Porsche 911 s Gold GTIs, Subaru, and VX 220 T but I have never owned a Type R !
Truth is i have always loved the K20 engine and always pined for it.
My predicament is that i have been waiting in life to get my self into a position to have another track car, just for fun not racing because i cannot spare the weekends trawling around the country.
My idea was to buy an S1 Elise and do the conversion with Maidstone Sports cars who i know would do a good job.
As time has gone on the Lotus Elises have gone up at an alarming rate and now finding a donor car is virtually impossible without throwing a lot of money at an accident damaged one or paying a premium for a good one.
This is when i started to think about buying the whole car and I started my research.
Without boring everyone with stuff you already know I arrived at the FD2 model due to its track focused suspension setup.
I stumbled across a FD2 which has had a lot of money spent on it in Northern Ireland which i currently have a holding deposit on.
My concerns are as follows:

1- Is it light enough and fast enough to be a credible track day toy.

2- I知 worried about buying a Japanese Import which appears to have had lots of money thrown at it but because they don稚 really do service history would it be difficult to move on ?

It seems to tick all the boxes for me as i could still go away with the Mrs in at at the weekend and keeps me in budget while still giving me pretty much everything I知 looking for in a fast car.
I probably wouldn稚 spoil it with a turbo conversion but I know that option is out there should i get bored with the power.

I welcome all responses as I知 very close to getting on a plane to finish the deal.

I would just like to hear from you guys first to reassure me and looking forward to meeting some of you at the next Brands Hatch track day should i follow through with the deal.

Bottom line is I love it but its a long way for me to go, so want to be sure i know what I知 doing.

All FD2 buying advice welcome please.


Thank you for reading Dean