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Thread: EP3 - Gearbox Rebuild

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    Quote Originally Posted by civictypeR View Post
    Any news on this i'm was looking at going to TGM for this as well.
    Spoke to Tom and after a long chat, he showed me around the workshop where they had about 4 boxes split being rebuilt. It was a really good experience as he walks you through exactly what usually wears out and you can see the damage on the old components.

    That said, he then drove my car for a while and told me that it doesn't need opening up at all and the little whine I can hear is nothing compared to what boxes he has seen needing rebuilt. With that said he gave me some figures, for example the labour to remove the box, open it up (change whatever components) and then seal it all back up and put on the car is around 450 + VAT (7 hours ish). The best way to go about it is to let them open it and see what has actually worn out, prior to buying parts like the Mfactory Rebuild kit for example (which doesn't actually come with everything you need, but it depends on the wear and tear on your components).

    So yeah long story short I won't be touching my box for now, since I don't get any gear grinds, any troubles with shifting or getting into gear at high RPM, it is just that tiny bit of whine at certain gears/RPM. I ll get the oil changed and an additive added.
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