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Thread: New Type R

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    Default New Type R

    Im looking to get my type r in march time,

    Just looking for some info really to get me started,
    1. What sort of stuff can i do to the car to increase the BHP apart from the exhaust and induction kit, Not wanting to turbo it.
    2. Is there anywhere near ipswich that works on them specially??
    3. Also when buying one is there anyhting i should be looking outfor in particular?

    any help much appreciated

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    Which year/model are you looking to get?

    Ipswich way, you'd still have to travel, but TDi-plc in Thurrock, Dream in Bushey or TGM in Fleet.

    Power is intake, exhaust, exhaust manifold if you know your local MOT tester and a remap. You're still only looking at 20-25 bhp peak but it will have a lot more mid-range which to be honest is where you spend most of the time anyway. Depending on what options as brands vary wildly in prices and quality, that will be about 2-2.5k. 100 per bhp gain is what I used to work off going back 6 or so years ago, so probably a smidge more than that now, but not far off.


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