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Thread: Cosmic Premier EP3

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    Default Cosmic Premier EP3

    Yo guys, how ya'll doin?

    So had my EP3 around 8 months now, been a slow process of making money to get the thing sorted and is still very much a work in progress but have gotten to the stage where I thought I'd jump on a forum and maybe get some ambition as to where I wanna go with the car.

    It's a 2005 '55' Premier Edition. Only 95k on the clock and was abit run down when I got it from my best mates mum, he did own it before but moved to Dubai and she'd let it get in a right state. Managed to bag it for a bargain price and just couldn't resist. So far it's been endless bushes, drop links, bearings, engine leaks sorted, ball joints and a few others bits n bobs to tidy it up.

    Just got the wheels refurbed and awaiting new centre caps hoepfully be with me this week sometime.

    It's more or less standard as it is just now, the only upgrades I've done so far is hardrace LCA bushes, stainless straight through centre section, 6k HIDs, LED reversing bulbs + sidelights. Did have a set of Evo 9 wheels that I was contemplating getting on but ended up selling them to fund the refurb of the stock enkeis.

    Anyways here's a few pics for guys and gals.... Pending I actually get the links right it's been a while since ive used an image hosting site.











    Someone let me know if they work and if not please enlighten me.

    Near future plans are to get the front bumper painted it's seen better days, probably back bumper too at some point. I always say I'm gonna keep my cars stock but didn't with the last one so I'll probably end up looking for a Tegiwa Induction, possibly some coilovers, spacers etc etc but we'll see.

    Currently up in Aberdeen but moving to London in a couple weeks is there much meets or folk kicking about down there? Be good to get a good drive out sometime won't know any of the roads down there.

    Anyways cheers for having me

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    Welcome, and good choice. Jdm Combe on 1st June
    R#3- Cosmic Grey 06 plate Prem EP3
    R#2- Nighthawk Black FN2 GT, R#1- Satin Silver Prem EP3

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    Welcome dude, lovely EP3 you've got there.

    As for the links they do work, but if you want them to display on the site make sure you copy and past the BB link as seen below:

    2004 Civic Type R - Build Thread - Gone
    1999 Integra Type R - Gone

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    Lovely looking CG you got there. I was never a fan of black alloys, but I gotta admit, they do look nice on a cosmic grey. Pristine condition!


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