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Thread: Seeking EK9 Type R owner for a magazine interview

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    Default Seeking EK9 Type R owner for a magazine interview

    Morning all. My name is Lewis Kingston and I'm a freelance journalist who is currently putting together a magazine article that features the EK9 Type R.

    I was wondering if any owners here would be willing to have a brief chat with me about their car for the article – why they bought it, what it's been like, and so on.

    We'd also need a couple of pictures, namely a picture of your good self and a snap of the car or two. If anyone's willing to contribute, just drop me a line. I can be reached here, or on contact@lewiskingston.com. Much appreciated!

    For reference, I work primarily for titles such as Modern Classics, Honest John, Parkers and CarGurus. Previously, I have also held full-time roles at Autocar, CAR magazine, What Car? and others.
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