Hi guys, I was wondering whether anyone had a similar issue to mine, or might know what the cause is.

I'm a new owner of a 20k km Civic FN2 which was hardly used as one can image. I noticed that when the car is started, the brake pedal can be slowly be pushed down to the floor. When the car is turned off, the the brake is stiff and cannot be pushed down. While driving, sometimes when the brake is pushed after a hard acceleration, around 70% of the pedal travel becomes really soft, and brakes only work when the pedal is pushed more than the remaining 70%. The pedal's response and stifness becomes once again normal after a couple of kilometers of driving.

I've checked the brake pads, bled the brakes from all 4 calipers, and noted that brake fluid isn't decreasing after a long drive, therefore there are no fluid leaks. I don't have any faults showing up on the dash. I've talked to 2 different mechanics, but both have different opinions. One said that this is probably a brake master cylinder issue (and recommended to get this changed, or purchase a master cylinder repair kit), while the other said that this is probably an ABS motor issue (I'm hoping it's not since this is quite expensive to repair or get changed).

Any help please?