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Thread: Hello, new member with a couple of questions

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    Default Hello, new member with a couple of questions

    Think Iím going to buy a new FK8, with the intention of doing regular track evenings/days as well as road use. So impressed when I drove one recently
    Would be grateful for any feedback on your experience of using the car on track plus any advice about preventing frontal stone chips, tyre and brake life. Any probs with engines as wet sump


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    Hi Paul

    Welcome to the forum sir. I am not a tracker, but what I have picked up from this very useful forum is:

    1) There have been mixed reports of overheating. Some have done a couple of hard laps and then come in to cool and absolutely fine, some have pressed on and had power sapped, and then a bit of spongy brakes. I think we/you need to acknowledge it's 'track focused' more than the average but it's still a consumer car at the end of the day that has to do the daily
    2) Some have changed brake fluid lines and pads, makes complete sense for a regular track dayer
    3) The Contis can give up within 4K of spirited road driving so are not going to last long on regular track use. Ps4s get great reviews, I was always a Xbox man
    4) What colour do you want? I have CW and can live with the stone chips as hard to see. Anything else, get it PPf'd
    5) I don't know what a sump is let alone a wet one
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