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Thread: FN2 knocking noise from the rear

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    Default FN2 knocking noise from the rear

    Morning everyone, my fn2 has a clunky sound which sounds like it's coming from the rear. The closest noise I can describe it to would be if you leave the boot slightly open and you get the noise when going over bumps. Any ideas, going to take it for an inspection soon butility wondered if there are any know issues. Cars done 47k 10 plate. Cheers everyone good day to all.

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    Have you checked the Jack and tools in the left hand pocket in the boot and the can of tyre sealant and compressor in the right hand one? They can both be loose and rattle about.

    The parcel shelf can also rattle which can be solved by sticking some felt lined tape along the contact edges.

    Could be the exhaust knocking on the underside or the diffuser triangles. Check for clearance and the condition of the hangars.

    There are no drop links on the rear, though it is possible your shocks could be going and be noisy but the common issue is creaks not clunks.

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    Check the exhaust tail pipes are centred in the triangles, mine shifted causing a knocking.
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