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Thread: Front Engine Mount fitting hell EP3

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    Default Front Engine Mount fitting hell EP3

    Hi guys need to fit the front engine mount on my EP3.

    Am I being ridiculous or do I have to drop the subframes or remove the radiator fans to change this mount? I can get all the bolts off but no matter which way I move it their isn't enough room to get the thing off.

    Next idea is to remove the side engine mounts and jack the engine up further.

    Don't want to get stuck in if I'm missing something super simple.

    Cheers in advance.

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    I had mine done it was a pain.

    We had car on ramp maybe 6ft high we had to undo drivers side mount and rear engine mount to allow movement we also had a jack under engine and a pry bar to move engine it gave just enough to get it out.

    2 man job.sure it could be done alone going down subframe route.

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    I just removed the two front bolts and slackened off the two rears to drop down the subframe at the front with the sump supported with a jack and a piece of wood to replace the front engine mount on my EP3.


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