Just had a custom cat back exhaust put on my FK8 Type R. I planned to hang onto the the stock exhaust to bolt back on in case I stumbled across any warranty issues. Only problem is the guy has used the stock flange to weld the cat back onto and thus sawed the stock exhaust off just after the flange, without telling me first.

I should have made more of a deal of it at the time, anyway I didn't in excitement of getting the new exhaust. The place is about 45 mind drive away so more hassle than I can be bothered with to get a van to take it back up etc. Long story short I want to try and source an oem or oem looking flange to stick back on the stock exhaust so it's ready to go if I need to quickly bolt it on.

Any ideas? All I've seen online so far are clearly not oem looking as they're thicker.


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