Hi everyone,

My brake pedal feels quite spongy, and cannot figure out what the reason could be (Facelift EP3).

- When the engine is stopped, the pedal has a slight, but noticeable spongy feel
- When I start the engine, the pedal sinks halfway down and becomes really spongy (it doesn't go to the floor but only grabs from the halfway point)
- During normal driving, no loss of stopping power is felt
(- Don't know if its related or not, but the handbrake only works on one side)

The symptoms show that there is air in the system somewhere, but I have changed my brake fluid (different colour so I would see if it flushed the whole system), bled the brakes multiple times in the correct sequence (with a vacuum bleeder and with gravity also), topping up constantly. Is it possible that some air is somehow remaining in the ABS unit or master cylinder?

My brake lines are fine, and I have good quality brake rotors and pads, none of the calipers seem to be sticking, the car brakes in a straight line.

Thank you for all the answers!