Hi everyone, new to here but not to hondas,
Looking at buying an FN2 at the minute which has been de-badged mostly so was entertaining the idea of putting EK9 side and rear decals on it instead of the standard ones for the FN2.

I've always liked the EK9 and thought it could be a cool way of paying homage to the type R heritage and personalizing the car in a subtle way as well.

I was considering doing the standard wheels in the Kaiser silver/ gunmetal of the DC2 and EK9 aswell to add to that theme.

Has anyone ever done these and do you think it would look decent or tacky? I like my cars stock looking but with subtle tweeks, Example being my SIR delsol has the JDM EF CRX rear SIR sticker fitted, EG6 front splitter, type r stitched gear gaiter with DC2 gear knob, DC2 oil cap to band a few.

Cheers for any input. Good or bad, its all welcome.