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Thread: Your experience of the FK2R as a track / daily

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    Default Your experience of the FK2R as a track / daily

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking for a car that can hold up being daily driven (4k road miles give or take a year) and doing some track days occasionally and I am leaning hard towards a FK2R. I've driven one a year and a half ago and had a soft spot for one ever since because it looks awesome and handled superbly.

    My question for you folks that have tracked the FK2, how has it held up in terms of durability?
    Any issues / quirks you've ran into?
    Are there any particular things I need to keep my eye on in order to ensure that the car runs in top condition?
    Are cooling modifications necessary for the track? I know some cars really need oil coolers / uprated coolant radiators when doing track work / pushed. Does the FK2 need any of these?

    I ask this because I am planning on keeping my next car semi-long term and I want to do as much research as possible to ensure that I know what I'm getting into.

    Thanks Guys, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experience with me
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    depending how you drive it on track will depend what you need. i'll assume your pushing it 10/10ths.

    brakes. fk2 weakness is brakes.

    i'm currently running girodisc 2peice, carbon lorraine pads (not road suitable; competition/track only), titanium shims and removed all brake shields. it's the only time i've not cooked the pads or come out with the calipers discoloured.
    rear pads you need something that are good upto 800c; DixcelZ have worked well.

    tyres next on the list. ps4s's are absolute minimum (80:20 road:track) but expect outer edge to take a bit of a beating. maybe 2-3 days at most. i moved to cup2's (20road:80track) and while the days involved periods of rain, they look like they'd do 5 days. assuming cup2's (250/ea), then i can get road only tyres for 130, and 180ish for track only tyres. should get better life across the two and end up cheaper.
    i've decided to run 19"'s as road only and bought 18" for winter/track use. Nankang AR1's are my current top favourite for new tyres but yet to go down that path.

    Oil cooler is needed if your out for more than 10-15mins (i've seen 135c @oil sandwich plate before backing off). went with the 19row setrab HEL kit on mine and while it does still get hot, i haven't yet seen it over 125c after about 20mins. This is on 21c sunny days.

    intercooler definitely recommended. cant say how much use it is for track as i replaced before hitting the track.

    FK8 has water temp issues, that i havent seen a fix for, but fk2 doesnt so wont need any attention with that. imo fk8 is either airflow through bumper, or water flow issue. gotta be something fairly trivial since we're ok but many have tried and not having much luck.

    FK2 is not cheap. certainly in the heavy weight class with track kit and based on where i've got to, i'd advise you dont spec the car for RWYB road&track duty. i've got to the point where i think i've a stable platform but ended up in seperate tyres & front pads for track & road use which i'll swap out at the track.
    FK2R Mods: Remus cat-back, Remus Responder, K&N Panel Filter, Girodisc 2peice discs, Carbone Lorraine RC6e Pads, HEL oil cooler, TDI-North Intercooler, HCTR Brake Cooling Ducts || Audio: stock + Audison APBX10DS sub || Summer: OE 19" wheels, 255/35r19 PS4S & Cup2

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    Thanks for the insight veehexx and after some more thinking and research time I've decided to go with the FK2 as my next long termer. I've booked a test drive and viewing for next weekend, hopefully it'll all go smoothly and I'll come home with a new car. I have one final concern and that is carbon build up. From what I understand the K20C1 in the newer type Rs are running direct injection so has any long termers here with miles on their car encountered any issues with carbon build up / done any maintenance to clean the valves after a certain mileage?

    Thanks again all :P


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