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Thread: Frequency of engine oil change DC2 Type-R

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    Default Frequency of engine oil change DC2 Type-R

    Hi all

    I have scanned the thread topics but couldn't see information about the frequency of engine oil changes for a (1999, DC2) Honda Integra Type-R.

    Honda originally recommended an engine oil change every six months or 4,500 miles for the vehicle.

    I have been having an annual service, performed by Honda, but wonder whether I should change the engine oil myself, ahead of the car's winter hibernation, so it would have fresh oil every six months?

    The car does not cover a high annual mileage, being brought out to play as and when time and the weather permits, travelling an average of less than 1,000 miles a year. However, that in itself could be reason enough to change the oil.

    Engine oils have advanced a little since the car was manufactured. Should I stick with an annual service and no six-monthly DIY engine oil change, or should I add the latter to my list of maintenance for the car? Bear in mind, I want the best for it.

    If anyone is qualified to share insight in this area, or has direct experience of this era Integra, please do share your views.



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    I run the same engine and I change it every 3k miles, give or take. I don't worry too much about a 6 monthly or yearly change. I just go from milage... maybe if it was sat for more than 12 months without moving I'd think about changing it, but probably not if it was brand new the last time it moved... if that makes sense?
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    I'd agree with hazz. Oils have come a long way. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change after 2 years (if mileage criteria isn't met) so an annual service at around 2k miles is more than adequate, probably verging on overkill itself, to add an extra one in would just be a waste of time and money really.

    I was running shell helix as it was cheap and I'd change it more often, but recently moved to a higher viscosity of Millers nanodrive in the hope I can get away without changing it so often as I do so few miles these days. I'm aiming for 12 to 18 months depending on mileage and the amount of track time it sees.

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