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Thread: Timing chain kits

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    Default Timing chain kits

    Hi all , going to get my timing chain done next week just need a bit of advice ...because I'm only looking to nurse the car for another year and do things on a bit of a budget , I was thinking of purchasing the timing chain kit myself and pay my local garage to fit it ... Been on two websites gsf and euro car parts and they both only do one kit each for my car and year ... One is a starline kit priced at 185 with discount and the other is called BGA ... Problem is the BGA is only 105 with discount ... Sounded too cheap ...fitment details on the BGA says (with gear).. and no fitment details for the more expensive one so I'm lost as to which one to buy ... Obviously I know nothing about cars so would the cheaper kit have everything I need to actually do the job or could it be it doesn't come with certain bits ie tensioner ... I've called gsf but they are only a parts place with no information lol ....Any guidance appreciated x

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    If it were my car I'd run the existing chain rather than fitting a cheap kit. The later is asking for trouble

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    Replace with genuine Honda or don't replace at all

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    OEM only for such a critical part of the engine.

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    Just to clarify, Genuine Honda parts should be used here.

    OEM meaning original equipment manufacturer, generally the same brand brand and same product in a different box and a different price. But in some cases the products can be inferior.

    These days I find the cost difference between genuine and OEM isn't huge, so try to stick to genuine parts where possible. Better fitment usually, better warranty also in my experience.

    As has been said before though, have you got any issues with the chain or has it stretched? Mine is on 110k ish and no sign of stretch when last checked.

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