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Thread: Lumpy/hesitation/bogging down below 2000rpm

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    Default Lumpy/hesitation/bogging down below 2000rpm

    my ep3 has been suffering from a steadily worsening problem when gently accelerating at low rpm, particularly noticeable in lower gears and slow speed. It's become very bad when cold, but I think there is still some signs of it when warm too. As accelerating from low rpm, it hits a flat spot, bogs down, or hesitates, like it's being starved of air/fuel/ignition. Sometimes it's so bad I end up kangerooing down the street. Once it's above 2000rpm it settles down and runs normally. I've done a little research and seen a few suggestions/ideas:

    Delete idle assist
    clean out idle control valve & throttle body
    throttle position sensor
    MAF sensor
    O2 sensors

    Any more ideas? In what order should I try things (cheapest first). First thing I will try, when I can face the numb fingers, is cleaning throttle body and ICV and I also have a kit to delete the idle assist thing.
    Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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    The FN2 does kangaroo impressions when the air is very cold, EP3 has virtually same engine so likely to do the same.
    Just have to be smooth on the gas until it warms up.
    There is an occasional hesitation when warm if you hit the accelerator in 4-6 gear since the engine does not have a lot of low down torque to pull through to higher revs.
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    The ep3 doesn't have a maf sensor. I'd start by checking the throttle body is nice and clean, also check the throttle cable and see if there is too much slack.
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    Did you get to the bottom of your problem?


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