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    Default FN2 Value

    It's coming up to a year since I bought my 57 plate FN2. I paid 5.5k for it on 66k miles exactly.

    That got me a car which I'd say was of a great standard, had been well cared for my previous owner, detailing always kept up, alloys professionally refurbed as well as coming with a couple mods (CPL headers, FlashPro and a little dress up.

    I've spent a lot on this car in a year and it now owes me around 10k which I know I'll not be getting back anytime this decade but would anyone hazard a guess as to what they think it might be worth?

    I'm on about 68,700ish I think now so not even 3K miles in my ownership.

    Having a look on autotrader to try and draw comparisons is very difficult. There's a lot of examples going as cheap as 4k but they've not got the additions I've listed above or the bits I've added over the last year:

    Brembo's and 2 piece discs
    M-factory diff
    Lightened Fly and new clutch
    DAB/Apple carplay double din

    Do these additions count for much do you think?

    If I was to think about selling up soon what do you realistically think I could expect ball park figure?

    My build thread: https://type-r-owners.co.uk/forums/s...2-Silver-FN-GT

    And the owner before that: https://type-r-owners.co.uk/forums/s...2-Silver-FN-GT
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    I think you might get a bit more than a "standard" car of similar age/mileage because anyone buying it won't have to shell out for the mods you have done -- maybe compare with a 2010 model than will have an LSD.
    That said they might not want any mods.

    Mark the experience of SK-R on this forum -- he bought a reasonable EP3 for (I think) 4,000 spent another 6K on it to produce one of the best you'll ever see and then sold it for 5,500, I'm sure he will correct the values if i got them wrong but you can see where I'm coming from.
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    My 57 plate fn2 went for less than 5k and that was 2 and a half years ago. Decent mods but higher mileage of around 82k.
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