Im wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on this....

Did three tests all WOT at normal operating temp,Cylinder 3 always came up at about 15-20 psi lower than the others.
The engine and car are standard apart from a recent camchain renewal by Grinnspeed and has covered 95k , starts and idle's fine , no missfires , no rough running , no oil usage at all , no smoke and vtc and vtec seem to be working fine.
What prompted me to do a compression test was this-When I set off with a relativly COLD engine and put my foot down , the engine pulls quite well in the low to mid range , after about half an hour of driving and with everything up to operating temps if I put my foot down in the low to mid range the car feels sluggish like its lost some grunt some where , it still happy to rev freely but what little torque this engine has seems deminished.
Ive checked for sticking callipers and there all ok , the only other thing which may or may not have something to do with this is the Clutch.
Its on its way out (can be hard to select & downchange when in Vtec),its not surging or snatching at all but im wondering if this could be culprit for the loss of power when the engine is hot ?

All thoughts on any of the above are welcome.
My first post , great forum.