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Thread: FK2 Rusty Roof

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    Default FK2 Rusty Roof

    Hi All,
    I have rust bubbles starting to appear under the front windscreen rubber.
    Also 2 other rust spots from what looks like stone chips.
    Took it to Honda dealership who said it was out of warranty (3 years for paintwork)
    They advised me to contact Honda customer service to see what they would say.
    They told me to take it back to the dealership for a paint thickness test.They sent the results off and the customer service people said it was external damage.
    To say i'm not happy is an understatement.
    Any one else had any issues with the FK2 roof rusting??

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    That doesn't sound right at all. Any better pictures of where around the windscreen rubber? This was an issue with the FN2 and covered by warranty so it would be a shocker if they made the same error again!

    Stone chips probably are a battle you'll lose but the rubber would definitely be worth pursuing. I hadn't realised it was just 3 years on paint?! That seems shocking. I always thought corrosion was more like 12 - 15 years on cars

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    My son has just got a warranty job for similar work from Renault and his RS 200 is eight years old!
    My life’s dream. At last!


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