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    Evening all.... well, weird times eh? Both the wife and i have had the dreaded lurgy but my two kids seem to have so far avoided it! Thank god! We put ourselves into quarantine for a fortnight and thankfully i own an area of private land behind my house.... comes in handy for times of extreme boredom. I decided during my time off work I’d use all the bits of spare MDF, stereo equipment i had kicking around and a few new bits to enhance the factory fit OEM system. I fortunately had a nice Pioneer AVH-X3800DAB out of my old transit van and a kenwood amp & 12” sub. I decided to rip all the old kit out and start a fresh. I built a box out of some 15mm MDF i had left over from my music studio build from a few years back and set about building a sealed enclosure for the boot. As the wife uses the car most and still likes to put an odd sack of horse food in the boot 🤬 it had to be able to be removed easily.... well ‘ish! I opted to mount the small class D amp inside tge box with the sub firing down so she could put stuff on top of the unit if required. I used a Vibe quick release harness for the wiring and ran cables down the centre of the car. Replaced head unit and used the connects2 console. Mids and tweeters were mediocre priced Alpine E types front and rear with the tweeters fitted on window sills in domes in the rear and fronts were cut into existing tweeter pods. All sound proofed top to bottom. Mounted a small pioneer amp in the glove box and added lighting to foot wells in front and in the sub box itself.... anyway, here’s a few pics. Hope you’re all staying safe and well!
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