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Thread: Wheel stud replacement

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    Default Wheel stud replacement

    Evening everybody,

    I've had my eye on the forums for a while now but this is the first time posting.

    The other day I cross threaded one of my wheel studs on passenger side front.
    I have purchased a new stud and new wheel nuts ready to go on.

    I have looked on youtube and various forums posts and haven't found anything concrete...
    I have a pretty solid idea on what to do to to change the stud, however has anybody done it and have any kind of advice?

    Any information is appreciated,

    Many thanks,


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    If you want to remove the stud you can try putting 2 nuts on the stud thread pinch them up tight then turn the bottom one should take stud out.

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    The wheel studs are a "push" fit in to the hub, the above method will not work. The old stud needs to be knocked out, remove the disc & caliper first, using a large hammer knock it out , using an equally large hammer behind the hub to stop it damaging the hub bearing...

    To fit new one, push it into the hole in the hub, then using a spacer on the wheel side, pull the new stud through with the wheel nut.

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