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Thread: Intermediate Shaft / Half Shaft Issue

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    Default Intermediate Shaft / Half Shaft Issue

    Hi All,

    Seems the entire bushing has come out whilst I was pressing out the bearing for the halfshaft and left the outer bracing behind as shown in the picture below (Click picture to get a better picture)

    I've checked Lings Honda and doesn't appear to be a separate part so my question is, is this part safe to push back in and use as is, or is it a whole new (Second hand) unit?


    Many thanks in advance
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    Thought I would update this just in-case someone else has the same problem.


    • you can't buy the bush or brace separate from Honda anymore and a new intermediate half shaft as a whole unit it the only option which retail around 400 if you stay genuine.
    • Insane shafts do a 500bhp setup but I wasn't able to find a UK seller that had one, so importing it from the states worked out around 300 + import duty I suppose?
    • There is an ebay seller selling an aftermarket blueprint intermediate shaft for around 140 but THIS DOES NOT FIT even though it is advertised for an EP3, the brace is way out of alignment with the original so the shaft sits at an angle and won't sit in the gearbox correctly.
    • The aftermarket brand "FEBEST" which can be found for around 130 also does not fit even though it is advertised to do so.
    • Buy the above bracket anyway, and cut up the housing to get the bushing out, carefully cut the outer bushing brace from your original bracket and carefully press the new bush in.
    • Buy a known second hand one from a breaker for around 45 <-- I obviously went for this because I was fed up trying to find a 'like new' replacement.

    Hope this helps.

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