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Thread: Lambda sensor error after fitting cat back exhaust?

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    Default Lambda sensor error after fitting cat back exhaust?

    So I fitted a Fujitsubo Legalis R cat back exhaust to my EP3 and straight away engine light came on with 65-02 HO2S S2 heater (P0 Circuit 141) malfunction - which is the 2nd lambda sensor?

    Running stock manifold and cat just changed B pipe and rear silencer, surely that should not affect anything?

    What’s the best way to sort this out? Could the sensor get damaged somehow after a tough fight with the exhaust bolts?

    Any help would me muchly appreciated as I need to get this sorted but not sure where to start.


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    Check the connector on the lambda loom, it may have come apart a little?

    Otherwise it maybe you've touched/disturbed sensor and it's now gone faulty, you could remove it and test it, if you know how to use a multi-meter & a heat source , see the attached YouTube video...

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