Hi All,

The recent EP3 i have bought had a keyless entry system fitted, The original keyless entry module is in place but it seems either the fobs were lost by previous owners or it does not work. At somepoint an aftermarket system was installed. I removed this aftermarket system as i want to redo the install cleanly. I plan to fit an aftermarket kit again as cost wise it is a fair bit cheaper. The car is also a project/track car so its not essential for us to have the OEM system.

Does anyone have any tips/pointers or diagrams to easily follow to simply fit a basic 2 button aftermarket keyless entry system?

Alarm is not required as again this was removed and problematic.

To note, I removed the current aftermarket kit which was tapped to many wires and many were cut by the previous owner so im a bit stumped with what they tapped into but i sourced these all back reconnected them and everything works fine, We just dont have keyless entry anymore. I would like to reinstall a new basic kit and correctly close off any unused splices they have made previously so we have a fairly blank slate.