Hi everyone,
So I came on here last week looking for a solution to my broken bonnet arm bracket. Apparently itís quite common but as far as could see nobody had yet tried fitting a gas strut in place of the bonnet arm.
So I decided I would and hereís what I did.
First off youíll need three things.
1. 60cm gas struts
2. Strut brackets(10mm ball size)
3. 13mm nut, bolt and washer

I got the strut from a breakers for a fiver and the brackets off eBay for £5.50.
Firstly I took out the old bonnet arm. Use this to hold up the bonnet while you work. I took the first bracket and the nut, bolt and washer and put them in the original hole for the bonnet arm. Tried a few different positions to get this right. Have a look at the pictures to get the angle I used.
Then I took out the top bolt of the bonnet arm and put the second bracket on that. Also note the position of the bracket in the pictures.
Then just pop the strut on. Real simple fix and works much better than I thought it was going to.
Hope this helps out one or two of you.
Peace out 😂