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Thread: Two Stage Vtec?

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    Default Two Stage Vtec?

    Hi Folks,

    This will likely be a strange one. Completely new to Vtec, and more so new to petrol engines in itself. I've been a diesel driver since I passed my test.

    Just a curious question, I've noticed while pushing the car (07 FN2 Type R), it seems like there's a second stage of Vtec. An initial pull around 5800rpm, and then a second kick around 7/7k rpm. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just a placebo? I'd assumed it would be a smooth transition of power when the initial vtec kicks in?

    Again, would like to clarify, new to Vtec and petrol in general, so consider this a completely newbie post.

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    Speaking from previous experience with an S2000 a few years back, it was a different animal when you pushed the revs and the vtec kicked in, so probably quite normal. I haven't pushed the Type R yet, so can't comment about that.

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    RCK10 what you are seeing is the normal experience
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