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Thread: Fixed eml light

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    Default Fixed eml light

    Well I've had my ep3 for about 2 weeks now bought car with idle issue and eml light on due to decat. I sorted the idle problem with cleaning the control valve and next day gave it a rag n fixed it. Today been in putting the orginal cat and manifold back on the car as the eml was on and the car was burning some serious amount of fuel. But got everything on today after putting the exhaust on then realising I had undone the anti roll bar to swing it down and forgot to put it back before putting exhaust on but after taking it off again it's all sorted and O2 sensors are fine. Only other thing I found was 2 fault codes on the Eps system but there not bring the light on there just stored.

    22 excessive change of the vehicle speed sensor signal
    23 a problem with the engine speed signal circuit

    Anyone any ideas what would be issue? If there is one as the power steering is working. Cheers

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    speed sensor in the gearbox on its last legs maybe?


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