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Thread: Steering wheel questions

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    Default Steering wheel questions

    Hey guys/girls,

    Has anybody had their steering wheel re-trimmed? If so where did you go and how much did you pay?

    On a side note what's a good size of aftermarket steering wheel? Been looking at 320mm flat. Any suggestions?


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    If you are looking for a clean up of your wheel in the mean time, I have a nice little trick that will freshen it up!
    '06 EP3 Type R | Premier Edition | NHB

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    As Above. Had my Premier Edition wheel done by Royal Steering Wheels.
    Fantastic job and i think it cost £125 from start to finish. This was incuding the postage costs to send my wheel back to them. There is a £50 deposit, but this is paid back as soon as they have your old wheel.
    I opted for plain leather top and bottom with perferated leather at the sides and red stitching. Fitting is straight forward, but it's very hard to maintain a level steering wheel.
    My advise would be to use a piece of masking tape on top of the steering column shroud and steering wheel plastic and mark both with a pen. The steering wheel plastic comes off your wheel and is put onto the new wheel.
    On replacement, line up the two pen marks to maintain a level wheel. I never done this my self and had to take the wheel back off. It's very very hard to keep a level wheel otherwise !!
    There is a video on youtube on how to take the wheel off. If you go ahead with this, watch it just for reference.

    If you check their site or email Jack at Royal Steering wheels, he will forward picture options of what you can have and the cost.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ad_illest View Post
    If you are looking for a clean up of your wheel in the mean time, I have a nice little trick that will freshen it up!
    Hello mate, what’s your trick to clean up the ep3 leather steering? would love to know as mine has gone all sticky when it’s cold in the mornings. The tackyness goes away when the car heats up, be great if you have tips on what products to use to clean & restore its finish.

    Cheers Mike

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