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    HSD Coilovers

    For Nissans people swear by the but after fitting them to a DC5 I’d say avoid. The HSDs are really poor quality and for the rears you have to take them off the car to adjust the height.
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    Why do you say that?
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    I wouldn’t buy them personally but it was their choice.
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    Asking for a friend of mine who has a Facelift DC5. They have fitted HSD coilovers and decided to get the hardrace inverted tie rod ends. The trouble is now to get anywhere close to the required toe there is only about 7mm of thread into the tie rod end. Obviously this is far from ideal...
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    Type R Owners INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    I have just renewed my EP3 cover with yourselves and my Mrs has just swapped her FN2 cover to you as well. Very happy with the service. She is only 26 and saved over £200 with yourselves so can't argue with that.
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    tripometer reset button

    Mine does the same when it is cold and damp. I suspect it is probably the contact is a bit gunked up. Once the heater has been on for a while and it is warm it seems to work better.
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    Change front brake pads on a CTR.

    When they are worn out LOL. Sorry couldn't resist. If you look at the pads in the callipers you can see the material left (look through the wheel and if you look at the metal "fingers" on the caliber you can see the pad. Discs generally change every other set of pads (as thats about how...
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    coolant question?

    It is around 2 1/2 litres to fill the system for a change, 3.5 if it is totally dry (as in new engine build) from memory.
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    Lowering springs ruining the car?

    A car will only "hop" if the dampers are not up to the job so what you have said in "The issues that I had are not shock related" is in fact exact WHAT it is. Your right in the springs are to highly rated but only for the standard shocks. Run them with uprated dampers and they would have been...
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    Mugen spoiler

    The fiberworx one is excellent. I have one on mine and the fit is great and the finish of the spoiler is very good.
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    What car soap/shampoo do you use?

    As above Dodo juice sour power is great for between waxes. a 500ml bottle lasts about a year of washing every other week (and weekly in the winter) and it works really well.
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    Chris' Cosmic Grey Premier Edition

    Nice looking car you have there. I think I spotted it at Beaulieu the other weekend. I have the 04 cosmic that was there with the mugen rear wing and the bronze Rota alloys.
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    TGS Motorsport

    As said TGM are excellent. Tom and all the guys are really nice as well. It's the only place I trust with mine.
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    Ep3 sloppy gearstick.

    As Lewis has said the problem is the shifter itself. Either replace it with a honda replacement ( which costs about £140) or the buddy club one ( around £170) which also shortens the shift
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    will 5x114 alloys fit honda

    stock offset is et45. what you will need on aftermarket wheels will depend on the width you go for. the wider you go the lower offset you will want so as they clear the suspension parts etc but to wide and to low offset and you will need arch work.