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    DC2 DB8 DC5 New Integra ..

    Absolutely terrible - even for a dedicated Honda fanboi like me.... :-( Chris.
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    FK8 Fk8 current values

    The market has shifted, and to me at least, a new FK8 is easily worth £40k. Not sure second hand FK8s are worth the current asking prices, but I guess supply and demand rules are in play at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if the new 2022/23 CTR is over £40k, so that might also adversely...
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    FK8 Fk8 current values

    I don't reckon second hand prices will go down too much anytime soon. I just sold my 6k mile 2 year old A45S that I paid the discount price of £55k when it was brand new, for £51k back to the main dealer. They sold it for £57k in about a week, which I think is still around list price. Make of...
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    FK8 2023 Type R first pics in a simpler camo

    Only 20 FK8 LEs for the UK not 40 That's what I've heard - UK Civics will be built in Japan. Chris.
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    FK8 Aftermarket Exhausts

    It does, but sadly not in this country and there is only one supplier..... ;) Chris.
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    FK8 FK8 Facelift - does it still have issues?

    I had an early pre-facelift from new in 2017, did around 10k miles in it over 2.5 years, and had no issues whatsoever. I've got a 2021 facelift now, and have had no issues with that either. Chris.
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    FK8 New FK8 - Paint & Running In Questions

    The shiney black plastic near the badge below the shift boot is covered with plastic film when it is delivered to the dealer. If it has a scratch on it, it's almost certainly been done post PDI at the dealer's. Chris.
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    EP3 Civic Type R Limited Edition - Register - UK-000

    You have no idea, this car is more than just the paint. It's the closest any modern Type R has got to the original concept in my opinion. Comfort feels more hardcore to me than +R did in my old FK8. Chris.
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    EP3 Civic Type R Limited Edition - Register - UK-000

    Thanks Matt. I bought it to drive, I never considered it as an investment/quick flip. I might sell it in a few years, when something else comes along and if I don't loose as much money as usual, it'll be a bonus. Although, I've got a whole host of bits from my friend in Milton Keynes to go on...
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    EP3 Civic Type R Limited Edition - Register - UK-000

    P.S. I was originally offerred the press car (#01) by Honda UK, but declined - glad I did now after seeing it being put through its paces by many many journos.... Chris.
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    EP3 Civic Type R Limited Edition - Register - UK-000

    I'm the friend Dotty is referring to above ;-) I and my local Honda delear principal had a lot of negotiations with Honda UK following the unexpected sell out before I had a chance to place an order for an LE. To cut a long story short, because of my history, Honda UK agreed to build me an...
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    EP3 FK8 Civic Type R Limited Edition Global Allocation

    Australia are getting 20 and the UK is getting one more. Total allocation is 1021. Chris.
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    EP3 FK8 Inbound

    Thanks McR, very much appreciated :) Chris.
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    EP3 FK8 Inbound

    Hi McR, please can you confirm if everything is stripped out of the boot or just the tonneau cover? A picture would be great if you can be bothered. Thanks, Chris.
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    EP3 FK8 exhausts

    I'm going to put a Mugen Ti exhaust on my new one ;) Chris.