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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Special offer for 10 days only and only on the first 10 kits sold! Standard Red or Blue Footwell kits with option connector for £23 delivered within the UK. Further offer, £5 off any of the multi-colour dimming kits, but these are the last two, so be quick! Payment details, still as per the...
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    PM sent bud.
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Received! I'll get it in now and it should be in the post on its way to you first thing tomorrow.
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Looks the same as the FN2 one that. Let me know which one you're after, prices are still current in the first post.
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Answer is that they would come on with your lights and stay on, much like it would it you had ambient lighting in the door pockets etc. [emoji38] I have asked about the option connector, pretty sure it would be that same one as in the FN2 but would need a picture of your internal fuse box to be...
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Ah, I get you. I've just asked Rick to be sure, but I'm on the positive side of undecided. I'll get back to you as soon as I find out. :smt023
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    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    Hi, yes still available and yes, depends what model of car you have. The plug and play options tend to mirror the OEM ambient lighting.
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    Knock sensor

    Do you mean engine management light? Next step would be to get the code read.
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    Advice / help / tips

    Is it actually turning? FN2 starters have a habit of the pin firing, fouling on the flywheel and nothing happening. It can be either battery on its last legs or the flywheel teeth are burred. Also try to avoid bump starting it too often. It has a timing chain which can jump teeth on the cam...
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    FN2 Drivers side headlight and bumper mounts.

    Depends on the production year. Only facelift and Champ White FN2s had HIDs.
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    FK8 My Sportline Has Landed

    Yes! Very nice. :smt023
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    370z Nismo

    I'm sure you've run out of milk Mark...
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    Ecutek - rev limit issue

    I had this. It was put down to me having my foot on the clutch ever so slightly so the flat foot shifting part was kicking in, stopping the car revving past the point where I was putting pressure on the clutch pedal.
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    2019 Supra GTS

    Congrats and commiserations! [emoji38]
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    Official line here, if your MOT has expired you are allowed to drive by the most direct route to a pre-booked MOT appointment. Book it in at Honda for a test and get it up to them if it's nothing obvious you can see on your driveway. :smt023