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    Limp Mode - FN2 CEL code P2646

    Ok so I had this code P2646 about 8 months ago and I changed the oil, filter + Solenoid Spool Valve which includes the Vtec pressure sensor (£180 from Tegiwa) and also changed PCV valve. All was fine until last week when P2646 code came back again when over 7k revs in 3rd, 4th, changed the oil...
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    Knock Sensor Error after Clutch Replacement - FN2

    My son's brother-in-law and his friend work at a large car sales garage and said they would change my clutch on 2008 FN2 and put on a light weight flywheel (Exedy clutch with Fidanza lightweight Flywheel), he admitted that he had broken the knock sensor when working on it. We have now tried 2...