Limp Mode - FN2 CEL code P2646

Ok so I had this code P2646 about 8 months ago and I changed the oil, filter + Solenoid Spool Valve which includes the Vtec pressure sensor (£180 from Tegiwa) and also changed PCV valve.

All was fine until last week when P2646 code came back again when over 7k revs in 3rd, 4th, changed the oil again (about 5,000 miles) and cleaned out the solenoid valve & screen, etc, but it hasn't helped. Also get false readings of the low oil light coming on sporadically which happened last time (I check the oil very regularly as it drinks gallons of the stuff).

Going to try one of the cheap Chinese Vtec oil Pressure sensors for £6.00 instead of having to pay Tegiwa £135.00 for another replacement sensor, just to see if it makes a difference.

Anyone have any other ideas? - in the USA they seem to have a lot of issues with the P2646 code on certain models (especially the Honda Element which has basically the same VTEC solenoid unit) although this issue doesn't seem to be nearly as frequent here in the UK.

Forgot to mention I was using Castrol Edge 5w-30 and now just changed to Castrol Edge 5w-40.
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