FK8 2021 FK8 Stereo options missing

Hi all,

I have a 2021 MMC FK8 and have noticed the Entertainment system is missing some features that the 2017 model has.

For example there does not appear to be an option for Loudness (forget the proper name). This option used to live in the same screen as the adjustment of volume at speed.

I wonder if this has been removed due to the new Active Noise features?
Maybe check what version of software you have and see if it could be updated? I know the years of the car are different but the head unit software seems to vary a lot going by the usa forums
Are you thinking of the balance / EQ settings?
You'll only be able to get to them via the factory audio player, so you need to disconnect android auto / carplay, select a normal source, into audio and dig into the menu from there (Otherwise audio redirects you straight to phone)