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Brake issue - need advice

Evening all,

Please point me in the right direction if something similar has already been discussed elsewhere.
Looking for advice

I have just literally changed the front drivers side caliper on FN2 CTR this morning with an oem NISSIN one. I had rear passenger sieze a the start of the year and this was replaced.
For context on the rear - Putting my hand on the rim it was super hot, checked the pins they were fine so it was obviously the caliper needed to be changed. All works fine now.

Now the front disc was hot after normal driving and the garage mentioned the caliper was getting 'sticky' when I had my disc changed Last year October time (2022)
I changed the caliper this morning, bled it, all working well. It is not super hot like the rear was when that siezed, so I dont think the caliper is the issue, yet I am still getting a lot of heat.
When checking the front passenger side at the same time, the disc is cold. This is what is confusing me, I think the driver side is fine and I would expect a fair bit of heat as this do majority of the stopping work, little confused why the passenger side is cold... Like, stone cold.

I bled that same break this afternoon to make sure air was not in. The fluid was a little dark when bleeding but no air so really not sure.
It may be worth mentioning, I also cleaned up the shim and applied some grease. But when taking the caliper off It has very little resistance., I
didn't really have to pry it off by pushing against the pads. Perhaps the piston is not coming back out

Any advice?
Anyone had something similar, do I need to change front passenger caliper too?
I always change brakes by the axel rather than by the single wheel personally… to hopefully avoid issues like this.

Same goes for bushes, suspension & tyres.