So i recently got fk8 its 2020 model and has only 5000km on it. 3 days ago i run in to a small pit and my front rims got bent. FL got bent a little bit more. So i went to rim repair and it got fixed. But when they did the rod and balance the both cambers were different. (FL is 1.44 FR is 2) Btw my factory camber pins are removed. So the guy told me you probably bent some other parts a little bit. He had an idea and compressed my strut bar to camber now both are 1.5 but i dont think thats healthy. :D The camber force is hold by 3 bolts and a strut bar... After that i went to forums and people had the same issue, some dudes say their honda 1.6 to 1.9, normal to have difference. The factory says 0.45 difference is ok. I really dont know what to do the mechanic guy told me its almost impossible to spot the bent so dont even go to service. because its minor...

So my questions are...

1. Did i bent my suspension or other parts?
2. Is it normal to have this much difference?
3. Should i keep it like this?
4. When i sit in the car does the left camber increase because of weight?

You guys can see the removed pin. But Its holding by the strut bar.DB47CEC5-610B-4CD2-95AC-8FF49977986A.jpeg