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Dead Head Unit (PE '55 ep3)

hello folks, i have a 2005 premier edition ep3 and the head unit has just completely died. fuses are fine, and power is going to it. what are my options for repairing/anyone had this problem and know what could have gone wrong? if it's terminal (RIP music) then where can i source a factory original part?? i've looked on ebay and none of them have the screen with it (it's got factory sat nav). as it's completely unmodded i would really rather not start fitting non-standard parts to it at this point! thanks in advance :)
I doubt Honda will produce them anymore. Personally I would put in an Android double DIN in there, or something else more modern as it would be a huge upgrade, although I appreciate if you would rather keep things original. Keep an eye on eBay as you might get lucky.
As Chris has said above really, I doubt very much you would get a genuine one from Honda now. It's worth a call to them to see but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

If you are dead set on sticking with OEM you would be searching eBay, breakers yards etc. If you do manage to find one make sure the radio code comes with it.