E10 petrol

UK is introducing E10 fuel next year ,is this ok for my
Civic type r 2005
Is my car compatible with e10 fuel?

As a general rule, most cars post-1986 can run on E10, whereas most cars that once ran on leaded fuel or are carburetted cannot. ... Many European vehicles, turbocharged, or performance vehicles require a minimum octane rating of 95 or 98 and should not be refueled with E10, 91 or 94 fuel grades.
As I understand it the ethanol attacks various seals which in older cars tended to have greater rubber content.
More modern engines use a different type of material which is more/totally resistant.
2002 civic type r E10 biofuel

Hello everyone.

Read that a new fuel will be coming in the future e10 biofuel and may not be safe for lots of old vehicles.

Will the ep3 be fine on this fuel.
To Make things CLEAR. I have downloaded the pdf To show which honda cars are compatible. This is what information is given.
E10 Petrol is cleared for use in all European models with Petrol engines equipped with electronic fuel control fuel injection system (PGM-F1).
So I looked online regarding information on PGM-F1.Heres what I found.
Programmed Fuel Injection,or PGM/PGM-F1 is the name given to
Honda to a proprietory digital electronic fuel injection system for internal combustion engines with PORT INJECTION. It has been available since the early 1980's.
So All cars with GDI (PETROL DIRECT INJECTION are not compatible. Thats the Honda Civic Type R fk2 and fk8.
I acquired more information online that refers to E10 fuel. This information was given by Goodwood.com.
Many carburetted cars,or those that previously ran on unleaded fuel are included in This warning.While some turbocharged or performance vehicles require a minimum octane rating of 95 or 98 and so should not be refuelled with E10. While the department of transport has now confirmed that E5 fuel will remain available it is yet unknown wether they will command a premium price. I hope not but i've got a feeling there will be.
Also important to note that E10 is 91 Ron.
Whilst previous to 2015 models of the Type R have PORT injection and they have the PGM-F1 im pretty sure are min 95 ron- 98 ron.
Finally I Contacted Honda GB regarding E10 capatability by email.Their reply was,Your local Dealership are trained in all technical aspects and suggested I contact them to which i did and am still awaiting a reply. So I can only conclude that they dont care. I didnt chase them up as by then my question had been answered.
Regarding Fred.
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Further to my last posting I have read the following online.
People ask ,Does using 98 Ron petrol instead of 91 Ron cause damage to the engine?
The answer is, It can't hurt your engine if you use a higher octane fuel (Ron),so for example,if you use 95 or 98 Ron in an engine designed for 91 Ron that's ok.
However it's UNACCEPTABLE to put a lower octane (Ron) fuel than the minimum recommended by the manufacturer using 91 Ron in an engine designed for 95 or 98 Ron is POTENTIALLY DESTRUCTIVE.
Regards Fred.
Interesting extra info on this....... I read the Honda workshop manual section about changing the fuel filter on my FN2.
It states that the new O rings should be lubed with fresh engine oil and specifically says NOT to use any lube that contains alcohol!
So in that case how long before those rings are degraded by the extra 5% ethanol flowing through the filter????

BTW I'll be using 95RON minimum either way.