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Engine management light on, self diagnosis.

Hi all, I tried to do this and ended up shorting a couple of fuses so be careful and it reset my central locking which I was lucky to find how to fix :eek:.
The cheapest and best way I did it was to buy an OBDII lead I think for about £15 and this gave me all my codes I needed with the basic software too. A friend bought the bluetooth version which is great with certain apps on android (cough Torque) especially for those who want to view their performance stats and stuff on the go etc.
There are loads of great free software for these devices as well.
If you had blown fuses after doing this then you have done it wrong.
Easy to do if you are unsure and seeking advice in the first place though, just letting people know to be a little bit careful.
Any right minded person would do sufficient research before just probing in to any old socket...
That's what she said after i'd been the doctors! Just giving some advice about what happened to me and I've seen people posting problems with the pins etc being messed....

I wouldn't try it again but if it is a tried and tested method that works everyone is entitled to do it and the post is helpful as most are, I followed the instructions last year and it caused some problems for me.
Hi there.
Im pretty new to this but here goes.

first of all i have an fn2 and wondered if this worked for these as well as the ep3 and dc5?
i have just had my OEM air box off to smooth it out, replaced the box after half the work to drive the car and the CEL ligh has come up on the dash :s

Any help would be much appreciated

I dont know if this helps but I replaced the O2 sensors a while back, EML still came on.
Removed fuse #6 waited half a minute, replaced and EML was off after turn over.
Has anyone actually tried this without blowing fuses? Looking on other sites (mainly US), they say connect pins 5 and 9, not 4 and 9. Cheers

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Has anyone actually tried this without blowing fuses? Looking on other sites (mainly US), they say connect pins 5 and 9, not 4 and 9. Cheers

To clear up any confusion on this (since I wondered too). Pin 4 is chassis ground, pin 5 is signal ground from the ECU; pin 9 is SCS from the ECU. Either of the grounds will work. Since the self-check isn't a signal line I'm not sure which would be better, but 4 will work no matter what.
plz can someone help bought a 2005 ep3 9 days ago from taunton. the engine sounds sweet with 130k on the clock. The engine light was on and the bloke reassured me it had just come on and was just a sensor. My mate tested it and it said the knock sensor was nackered. there are no noises or loss of power so i bought a cheapy 10 quid ebay special, fitted the sensor fine for about 2 miles then back on again. What is the next step a £50-90 quid sensor or what?