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EP3 Alarm Siren Removal Guide

The cut a VERY long story short, my alarm started playing up with the siren going off for no apparent reason at random times, most often at night. I have read just about every post on here about the H&P pre face lift alarm issues and so I needed to get to the siren to check it.

90% of all answers I found about the siren location, said that it is in the rear quarter panel on the offside so I took the boot lining out and the rear quarter panel but no siren found. I then set off the alarm on purpose (wearing ear defenders) to follow the noise. The sound was definitely coming from the front of the car, under the bonnet but I can not see a siren anywhere. A quick ebay search for EP3 Civic Alarm Siren throws up these 2 options so at least I know what I am hunting for.

I have another search around for 'Civic EP3 Alarm Siren Bonnet' and a thread came up from a guy who has replaced 4 EP3 alarm systems and 3 out of the 4 sirens were located under the windscreen scuttle panel. So I whip that off and there it is on the near side of the vehicle looking old, dirty and wet. It is the red type as pictured above.

You can open that black box up and inside is a circuit board, the battery pack (most likely the cause) and the siren itself. I have disabled the alarm siren for now until I dig a little deeper but at least the siren is now not going off 4 times a night every night and ****ing myself and my neighbours off.

Just wanted to post this so anyone else looking to find their siren can do so quicker than I did