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EP3 Facelift help - new suspension

Hey All,

I hope everyone is well, I really appreciate any advice I can get from people here after having a bit of a nightmare recently with a few upgrades I have gotten on my EP3 facelift 2004.
It all started with me replacing my suspension with a Pro sport kit to be exact (springs, arms etc.)

Once I had replaced on the first journey when I hit 70mph a terrible knocking sound would happen under the drivers dash kinda near the right strut but not, this turned out to be my steering rack riser and slider which had now given up after I replaced the suspension.

I Then get a new steering rack slider and riser as well as adjustable steering arms, I actually had these fitted today and then another alignment completed on the car.
Test drove the car and the noise is gone. Great!!

But then....

I pulled up to some traffic lights and as I pulled away in first gear I hear a slight clunk, (not sure where that ones coming from) I then turned left and hear 2 more distinct clunks (not to loud) but loud enough to hear in cabin.

The clunks are only on the passenger front side. Not the drivers. and mainly happen when turning the steering wheel left and right.

Could me having my suspension refreshed, which then caused my slider and riser to go have now caused my steering rack to go to?
How much am I looking to get one please and is there anything else I need to look out for while doing this please?

What would be peoples go to list of get this this and this while I go about this job and get booked in with TGM.

Thanks all :)