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EP3/FN2 service schedule


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The question keeps popping up, so here is the service schedule for the 8th gen taken out of the service book.

It includes Type R (FN2) and the service items and intervals are identical for the EP3.

This is great, just bought a FN2, so this is perfect... Where is the best place to get parts from, euro car parts?

Is it best to use Honda parts and fluids?
Lots of places to get service items from, I use Opie Oils for oil and some other fluids, also the likes of Tegiwa, Coxmotorparts etc.

Oil and fluids are personal preferance really, genuine Honda is fine, I always use genuine Honda MTF for gearbox, I've always used Castrol Edge for engine oil with HAMP oil filter although genuine is fine and Motul brake fluid and Motul coolant, I personally have never had any issues using these products.

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I've always been advised to use Honda MTF for the gearbox as well.

Bit more expensive but peace of mind is worth it for me. Or the placebo. Either one.
5 litres of engine oil for an oil change, I usually get an extra litre for top ups,

3 bottles of MTF should be enough for a gearbox oil change,

I'm pretty sure 5 litres for coolant should be enough and 2 or 3 bottles of brake fluid for a full change I think, you can also use the same brake fluid for clutch fluid I believe,

If unsure, the handbook should tell you and Opie also should be able to tell you too.

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