Ep3 type r aftermarket catalytic converters.


I have just purchased an ep3 type r and, on the way home, the engine warning light came on, with it later being revealed that the catalytic converter had failed. With oem replacements costing incredible amounts of money I have been looking at aftermarket replacements instead. Has anyone had any experiences with such aftermarket cats and, if so, are there any recommended places to buy them?

If not, are there any other cheaper ways to get around a faulty oem cat?

Thanks in advance.
I too had to get a replacement 2 years ago, and yes, new ones cost a fortune. There are a few aftermarket ones, but those are very expensive as well. Third, there are general catalytic converters with much higher flow rates, compared to the OEM one, but for those, you need to get a custom weld done. Knowing all this, I went with a used OEM piece I purchased from a braker. Converted to GBP it cost 72 pounds, it's the cheapest option by far. The UK has lots of EP3s still, so I'm sure it would not be too difficult to find one.