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Ep3 type r track day tyre size

Hey got an ep3 type r going to be use it for a few sprint events this year until my saxo vts is ready got a spare set of type r alloys so lookin for a set of track/race tyres for them would a 225/45/17 fit on the standard type r wheels it's just the 225 am worried about as the standard size is 205 any help would be great any advice on which tyres to go for not looking to spend more than 400
I wouldn't go with a 225/45/17, itll be too big for the rim. yes it will on go but it wont perform like its designed to on a rim that size. I would go with a 215/40/17. I've recently changed from 215/40/17 to 215/45/17 and instantly regret it. the side wall flex is very noticeable.

As for tyre brand/compound, the AD08 is a very popular tyre for the price. Or for all out performance R888 or A048 but that wont come in your budget.
Just checked and even the AD08 will set you back over £500 for a set. much below this and i wouldn't even say its designed for out right "performance". There are good tyres for less but on the track they will over heat. For the road i'm a fan of the Uniroyal rain sport 3. very good tyre for the money
Hey thanks for the advise been lookin at a few today so will get a set orderd up got r888s for saxo ther brilliant but very expensive
I'm running Federal RS-R for track and daily, size 215/40/17 really good grip, not bad in the wet, but very stiff side walls, so if like me yours is lowered it a pretty stiff uncomfortable ride - but I love it :lol::lol::lol:

Hey it's between them and the nankang Ns-2r softs I can get them for £414 deliverd that's for 4 and from what av read I think they will be better for dry grip which what will be what am after to get the best times
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I run the NS2-R's in the medium, good tyre for the price I have to admit. It was between those and the RSR's when I bought mine, but what swayed it was a few people had the RSR's relaminating across the tread.