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FN2 Eventually I joined the club

Since summer 2021 I've had a 63 plate E250 CDI AMG Sport as a motorway cruiser, due to work circumstances, it was a really nice car. High mileage example, a bit rough round the edges, but nice enough.

Anyway, work circumstances have changed again and I no longer need to do 500 motorway miles per weekend. Work is only a 15 minute drive, with 10 minutes of that being national speed limit A and B roads.

I took a bit of a punt and agreed a straight swap for this 60 plate Type R. I've probably lost out on about £1000-1500 worth of value in my merc in comparison, but it did need some things doing to it before it was sale worthy and the dealer who had this for sale was happy to take the merc as-is, saying they could do the required work at cost, saving me some money in the trade.

That being said, I'm very happy with the swap. Although the merc had 200BHP, this is 900ish kg lighter so feels much faster, plus revving to 8k is just something else.

It's not perfect visually, but neither was my merc. I'll be sorting some scratches and scuffs to the bumpers, and refreshing the headlights.

But initially I'll be focusing on the mechanical side of things, it has just been serviced but the tyres - whilst having decent amount of tread - are a bit cracked and hard. Plus I want the exhaust checked as I think its blowing a bit (right near the driver's door). then I want the suspension and brakes checked. The aesthetic stuff can wait a little longer.

It looks really nice. It kind of beggars belief that a dealer will happily sell a car with tyres that need changing!
Tread wise, they're fine. And I'm sure they're fine "legally".
it's just me personally, I'd prefer to get some new rubber on.
this is what I mean by cracked...
I'd be changing those.
Yep, I will be.
Yesterday my locking nut removal tool (bought the car without the locking nut key) arrived and I was finally able to get the locking nuts off.
I get paid on Friday so I'll be booking it in for all 4 corners next week.
I asked the garage for a quote for Eagle F1s but the guy said he recommends Brigestone Potenza Sports.
After reading up, looks like the FN2 came with the Bridgestones from the factory, so might just go for those instead.
Either way, the quote was £50 more than etyres so I'll just go through etyres lol
I have Potenza sports on my EP3, they are really good but just something to keep in mind the starting tread depth on them is considerably lower than on other makes and they are very sticky in the dry hot weather so they will wear quickly.

My EP3 is not my daily so wear isn't an issue for me, if it was my daily I would be looking at a longer lasting tyre. Just thought it may be worth noting.

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