FK2 Speed bump noise when slightly too fast.

Good afternoon everyone.

So I bought my second FK2 last week which is a very tidy 2016, 20k miles example in "Polished Metal Metallic" (ridiculous name).
I pre-ordered my original one back in 2015 and then sold it two years later. This was obviously the biggest mistake of my life so buying a low mileage tidy model now is a dream come true (again).

I have a quick question. We all know the FK2 makes some strange noises which Honda write of as completely normal. This car makes a very specific noise when going over speed bumps slightly too fast, which I do not remember my original FK2 making. It sounds like a metallic twanging noise. I know I haven't described it particularly well but that's the best I can do. If you slow down and go over the same speed bump at a sensible speed (say around 10mph) there are no noises at all.

The noise only seems to happen going over sharp speed bumps at an uncomfortable speed. i.e. around 15mph. My last car was a Nissan Navara and I forgot quite how much you have to slow down for speed bumps.

Right now I am not particularly concerned. The car seems to drive absolutely spot on even on dodgy UK B roads when worked hard. There are no dodgy suspension noises or handling issues, the service and MOT history are good and the HPI check came back good.

Basically I am just wondering if this is a normal noise they make or if i need to get it straight into the nearest Honda dealership?