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FK2 - Sunday car cleaning

Hi all,

I just wanted to share some cleaning I've been doing on the FK2 today. I do try to wash it regularly but lately with it being dark when I get home, it's been neglected. So today whilst it was dry with a little daylight, I gave the car a solid 3 hour detail.

Seats - when I got the car I noticed straight away the seats were stained and marked. I was really reluctant when I first got the car to clean the seats incase I ruined the interior. I emailed Recaro to ask for advice and they sent back the cleaning instructions card for Alcantara. It advised to use lukewarm water and lemon juice. Following this I brought some black seat covers online and didn't worry about it. Out of sight...out of mind. This was until my boss was in the car and asked if the black seat covers were part of "the look". I explained not and that I just didn't want to stain or damage the seats to which she replied "then why have nice seats if no-one sees them"?

So today I took the plunge and decided to clean them. I watched some videos on youTube where Woolite was well recommended and gave that a try. I used a clear spray bottle with 1 part Woolite to 6 parts warm water. Sorry the pictures don't show the extend of dirt beforehand but they had transfers from jeans, bolster dirt and the passenger seat had pen marks. (all from the previous owner.) So far looking much brighter and tomorrow morning once fully dry I will see the full extend. I used white microfibres, 1 for cleaning and 1 for rinse. Both were dirty when I finished. I'm really happy with the finish and lovely detergent smell.

Engine Bay - Waterless wax and microfibre. Gently cleaned around terminals and the underside of the bonnet to get rid of grim and dirt.

Interior - I just use Yum detail spray and a clean microfibre. Then I used an older microfibre with waterless wax for the door sills.

Wheels - I just used Sam's wheel cleaner pre-mixed in a spray bottle and then clean water with a little car shampoo with multiple wheel brushes.

Exterior - I use Sam's detailing snow foam to start with and spray a thick layer onto the car to remove tough dirt. Rinse well with the pressure washer and then wash the car using Meguiars shampoo, Mitt and a two bucket method with grit guards. I have a small detailing brush to go around all badges and the MANY nooks and crannies of the type r. After rinsing I sprayed TurtleWax DrynShine rinse wax. I never used this before but it's highly recommended online. I sprayed it all over the car including the wheels and then rinsed again before towel drying. I have a before and after pic, showing how the wax beads off the roof. To dry the car I used a Klin Korean drying towel which in my opinion is the best drying towel available and well worth the money. You haven't lived until you have used one of these bad boys.

There's loads of other bits and different cleaning routines that I regularly do on the car so I will post more if anyone is interested. I last polished the exhaust tips with Autosol and I plan on using Fusso wax in a few weeks time which should give enough protection until next year. It's really amazing some of the products available these days as I remember when I was a kid just using a sponge and bucket.

Let me know what you think of the end result or if there is any products you guys recommend using.



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I didn’t like the fk8 at first but the more I see them, I think the more they grow on me. I might test drive one when mine goes in for the service. Last time at the dealership, they wanted to know if mine was for sale because there was a waiting list for fk2s.

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What made you buy an FK2?
I test drove both before i made my choice but preferred the smaller feel of the FK2 when i drove it
Ive only had mine 1 year so my love affair with it is still strong, should i ever sell it then i would almost certainly get an fk8
Like you i wasnt overly impressed by the looks of the FK8 when i first seen it with the plastic grills but ive seen a red one a few times in my town and they are starting to grow on me
I just preferred the hatchback look of it and body shape, even the dash and R button. When I drove one it felt just like raw power, like a stripped out track car. I did a lot of research before comparing buying a new fk8 against the Fk2 and money wise is just made more sense. Also just the stats of only 2.5k in the uk, not being produced in the US and being the first turbo charged. How long do you plan on keeping yours for?

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Ive no intention of selling it, unless it gets to a point where im throwing money at it, which i doubt as they seem pretty bullet proof
Ive only got 17k on the clock for a 16 plate so its got plenty of thrashing to go before i get bored of the power :D
looks wise, it still turns a lot of heads for a car model that came out nearly 5 years ago and keeps up with or outdrives a lot more modern / expensive cars
Your FK2 looks gorgeous in the blue. 3hrs - sounds like one of my washes... :D

Interesting comments re: FK2 vs FK8.... In hindsight I should have probably test drove an FK2 back to back to feel differences before buying my FK8. The looks of the earlier one have grown on me a bit over time but I still (personally) prefer the FK8 (currently...) :cool:
Thanks a lot for this, particularly the seats information. I think there's different woolite, which one did you use, or how do you choose which one to use?
Another option for the seats, I use Autobrite alcantara cleaner, no need to dilute just spray on and wipe with a damp cloth. Also gives really good results.

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Another option for the seats, I use Autobrite alcantara cleaner, no need to dilute just spray on and wipe with a damp cloth. Also gives really good results.

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Thank you, I'm going to try this on my FK2 seats.