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FN2 P2647 & 91-1

I am getting two faults above on my FN2.
P2647 - Rocker ARM oil pressure switch (A) circuit high voltage/VTEC system stuck ON
91-1 - CAN communication failure (relating to the ABS/TCS/VSA)
They always come on together. If I turn it off and on again the VSA light goes out but check engine stays on until I delete the code. It was happening once a week but now its every journey.

They seem totally unrelated codes but always come on together. I am going to clean the VTEC solenoid valve filter to see if that sorts the P2647.

Any thoughts?
Yeah clean the solenoid valve to see if it helps but as it is saying oil pressure switch that could be faulty. Seems vtec works on oil pressure and it says vtec stuck on seems like there is a fault there.

How does it drive? Any issues during driving? Vtec engaging etc? Oil level ok?

Sometimes random codes come up if there is a fault on the same circuit.

I would be looking to replace the oil pressure switch first, I don't think they are that expensive and try that.
OK cheers. The car drives fine with Vtec engaging as it should until the car goes into limp mode with this fault. It happens at random times sometimes within seconds of driving other times more like 30 mins, normally when diving at steady speed between 40-60mph so not when Vtec is active. The oil is brand new and correct level.

I will look to replace the pressure switch, I guess I will see if the solenoid valve filter is blocked and if not then while I have the valve off I can replace the pressure switch as its all part of the same assembly, unless its a different pressure switch?

I got the VTEC solenoid spool valve off and the filter looked fine. I have now replaced the valve assembly which includes the pressure switch. Only been for a 30 min drive so far but it looks like that has sorted it.